Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apple's Worst Enemies?


From the acrimonious 'look-and-feel' lawsuit that accused Microsoft of stealing the idea of the Windows GUI to the PC-vs-Mac marketing campaign, the rivalry between these two companies is as bitter as ever.
Clearly the phone hardware manufacturer struck a nerve with the folks at Apple with its popular Android-powered Nexus One--predictably, Apple drew its legal fangs claiming 'Copycat!' in the courts in March
With its pick-up of Palm and rumors of a new tablet in the works for third quarter, partners can expect HP to sell them on the prospect of an iPad killer very soon
Steve Jobs didn't make many friends at Adobe this spring with his open letter to the company dissing Flash and promising that Apple has no plans to support Flash players in the iPad or iPhone any time soon.
The company that single-handedly jump started the netbook market is gunning for the iPad with its derivatively named EeePad, due out early 2011. It'll have an apps store and unlike iPad, it'll support Flash.
Google's "Droid Does" marketing campaign is proof positive that it wants a bigger piece of the smartphone market with its Android platform and it plans on aggressively pursuing potential and existing iPhone customers to get it
With its legions of already loyal laptop customers and its own iPad tablet knock-off hitting the markets soon, Dell is another reliably painful thorn in Apple's side
The Kindle-maker saw its eReader position threatened in January when Apple introduced its iPad tablet computer that came with a preinstalled eReader. Not to mention, Apple had negotiated deals with top booksellers that disrupted Amazon’s pricing plan to promote eBook sales.
from: channelinsider written by ericka chickowski

I have read this in my email inbox and want to share it with you. I know I am quite posting an article about Apple, maybe its just because I am also interested in their inventions. I am an avid fan of high-tech gadgets and wishing that someday I could own one.


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