Friday, March 13, 2009

Behind Every Transactions...Is a Computer


Many people now take it for granted, that by simply inserting a card into an ATM, punching few keys in few seconds, their monies come out. Imagine!, when you call in Airlines Customer Service and inquire about next flights, the person on the other line can now tell in few seconds the time of departure as well as the availability of seats.
The two scenarios described above would simply be impossible without that marvelous device called computer. In both cases, computers were used to access bank customer records and flight schedules in seconds. Nowadays, more and more businesses depend on computers. Some tasks that used to take hours of manual labor now require just several minutes of computer processing time. As a result, both productivity and customer service has improved.
Computers, powerful as they are, cannot think for themselves. In addition to data, they need to be provided with instructions on how to process data: such instructions are called programs. The proliferation of computers in business has led to relatively new job descriptions such as programmers and systems analysts. The computer job market has come to a point that people with extensive programming and systems analysis experience are often in demand both here and abroad.
The world of computers is both fascinating and interesting. The next time you withdraw cash from an automated teller machine, remember: behind every transaction is a computer and the people who run it.

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