Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rumors: Why they hurt and why you shouldn’t pass them on


Rumor is defined as unverified information of uncertain origin, usually spread by word of mouth.
When things are unclear and there’s a lack of information, people tend to read on situations and make up stories. They rush to “feel the void” with speculations, opinions, and questions that may have little or no factual basis. That’s when rumors start to spread. The most common workplace rumors are about personnel changes, job security and job satisfaction.
Rumors are especially damaging because they exemplify three characteristics of crisis: suddenness, uncertainty and urgency.
Remember the game you used to play when you were still a kid? You’d whisper a sentence to the person next to you. Then the whisper would be passed on the person next to him or her, and then the last one to hear it would say it aloud. Then you’d all erupt in laughter because often, the final words bore no resemblance to the original sentence.
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