Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bizarre Superstitions


In Iceland, an unmarried person who sits at the corner of a table won't marry for seven years. A pregnant women who drinks from a cracked cup risks having a baby with a hare-lip.
In Japan, picking up a comb with its teeth facing your body brings bad luck.
In Malta, churches with two towers are fitted with a clock face in each, but the two clocks always tell different times to confuse the Devil about the time of the service.
In Nigeria, a man hit with a broom becomes impotent unless he retaliates seven times with the same broom. Sweeping a house at night brings misfortune to the occupants.
In Poland, bringing lilac into the house is a sure sign of impending death.
In Scotland, red and green should never be worn together. It is unlucky to throw vegetables into the fire and to carry a spade through the house. This means that a grave will soon be dug. And three swans flying together means a national disaster is imminent.
In Holland, people with red hair bring bad luck.
In China, sweeping out a house removes all the good luck, especially on Chinese New Year.


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